CAF President: Senegal is worthy of praise

Hayatou: What Senegal has done is worthy of praise Following the audience with the President of the Republic of Senegal on Friday, 13 March 2015, CAF President Issa Hayatou was interviewed by a team from Senegalese Radio and Television (RTS). Below is the full interview;

CAF President: Mr. President, what did you talk about with the President of the Republic?

Issa Hayatou: The President of the Republic just granted audience to the delegation of the Confederation of Africaine de Football (CAF). Of course, he welcomed us and assured us of the support of his country in all CAF activities, which is a relief. For, without mincing words, what Senegal has done is worthy of praise. They did not only organise it well, but also built new infrastructures that allowed the CAF and the country to organise this event (Orange African U-20 Championship), which is very important to the youth of our continent. These are some of the things the President about, and congratulated us on all that we are doing.

Of course, I also took the floor to thank him for all the achievements he has offered to the youths of this country and the African continent, which is not negligible. It is such an achievement that must be noted. After this first part, we also had to go through all the problems in African football with the President. I can’t tell you everything. But what I can say is that, he is a connoisseur of the sport. He knows everything that is going on inside his country and within Africa regarding football.

 What prospects can there be between Senegal and CAF?

You know Senegal is a beacon of African football. It’s true that there may not be any plausible results yet, but they are preparing themselves. Someone pointed out during our discussions with the President that there is no country in Africa that has as many players in European teams as Senegal. So it’s just a matter of time. With time everything will be fine. In two or three, five days from now, you will hear good news. I cannot tell you now. The Minister has to give me the green light first before I announce the good news. All these prospects point to a better future for football in Senegal.

 Can you give us the scoop?

I cannot. The minister has to authorise me to give you the scoop (laughs) [You can, Mr, President (the voice of the Senegalese Minister of Sports)]

So, since I have the Minister’s permission, we seized the opportunity to ask the President if he could organise the African U-23 Championship in December. He gave orders to the Minister and the president of the federation to get in touch with CAF for this event to take place in the country. So that is the scoop, I have just disclosed to you.