“FIFA Is Not Corrupt” Says Dr. Hayatou

Speaking at a Media briefing by the Executive Committee, the Acting FIFA President, Dr. Issa Hayatou defended himself from allegations of corruption after he was reprimandedImage result for issa hayatou by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2011.

“I would not be here if I was corrupt. I have not received one single euro or dollar to vote for anyone as host of the World Cup. FIFA is not corrupt. We have individuals that have shown negative behaviour. Do not generalise the situation”.

In reference to what the 69-year-old chief admitted were much-needed reforms, Hayatou stated, “This signals the beginning of a culture shift at FIFA. These reforms are moving FIFA towards improved governance, greater transparency and more accountability”.

Fran├žois Carrard, the president of the FIFA Reform Committee, gave details of a host of reforms, which include the following:

“The Executive Committee will cease to exist and the name of the committee will be changed to the FIFA Council, which will oversee strategic matters and will have less involvement in the day-to-day running of the organisation”.

“The General Secretary will have a greater say in decision-making”.

“The Council will be made up of 36 members: 9 from UEFA, 7 each from the African and Asian continents, 5 from CONMEBOL, a further 5 from CONCACAF, and 3 from the Oceania Football Confederation”.