“I resigned, I was not sacked”, Says Savoy

Image result for raoul savoySwiss Coach Raoul Savoy has insisted that he quit as coach of The Gambia for personal reasons and was not sacked.

The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) said on Saturday: “We have a mutual agreement amongst the stakeholders to terminate the services of Raoul.”

In an interview with BBC Sport, Coach Savoy said: “I met with the [sports] minister last Tuesday and after a long meeting I decided to stop. I decided to stop because I can’t continue due to personal reasons – the GFF never decided to sack me.”

Savoy also slammed the rumour that his decision was prompted by a fall-out with Gambian striker Modou Barrow (Swansea city FC).

“It was nothing to do with players, nothing to do with staff and nothing to do with the people around the team,” he insisted. “I cannot resign because of a player – a player is a player – I am the boss. Players have to follow my rules, my ideas and my philosophy of football, if a player doesn’t want this they stay at home. That’s it.

The 42 – year old Coach Raoul Savoy emotionally expressed his decision to resigned his role saying; “I didn’t quit with a smile on my face, I quit because I couldn’t do anything else.”

The 42-year-old, who started his reign in May 2015 , was convinced that his short spell as Coach of the Scorpions was a relative success  Рdespite failing to win any of his five matches in charge. His team was knocked out of 2018 World Cup qualifying by Namibia on a 3-2 aggregate and are placed third in their 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying group with two matches to play.  Only the group winner earns a berth at the finals in Gabon.

“I don’t think, in five-and-a-half months – after more than two years without international football and with young players – we did that badly,” Savoy continued. “It was clear from the beginning that it was a rebuilding process that would normally take a year or two of playing international friendlies, training a lot and meeting players so we can be better and better.

“Instead it was rushing, rushing from June until the end October.

“I think the way things were organised with the GFF, the sponsors and all the staff we did well.

“The experience in The Gambia was nice and I was so proud of working with this team.”